Harmony Concepts – Roommate For Sale And Other Tales

Four tales of bondage hijinks: Busty Tanya Danielle is fed up with her troublesome roommate Misty Grayson, so she overpowers the sexy blonde and puts her up for bid at an online auction site! Reporter Dorian Grant runs into trouble when she investigates “The Green April Cult”. Will she disappears along with Johnni Black and a host of others? Autumn Woods is “The Criminology Tutor”, and she teaches Cindy Gordon an all-too-real lesson about kidnapping. And authorities investigate when maid Kat Le is left bound and gagged at a crime scene. Starring: Tanya Danielle, Cindy Gordon, Misty Grayson, Kat Le, Angela Valdez, Kelly Kole, Autumn Woods, Dorian Grant, Sabrina Wagner.

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