Harmony Concepts – The Detective’s Scrapbook

Harmony Concepts - The Detective's Scrapbook DVD

Private eye Tatiana Varga is from a long line of detectives, and she talks about her illustrious family, taking us through the 20th Century as we re-live exciting scenes from her’s cases. We begin with buxom Lady Roxanne (Roxy Rider) as the bait in Professors Ayresteel’s trap for his arch-nemesis, master detective Sherlock Paradise, then ninjas grab exotic Devin Demoore as part of an extortion plot. Gorgeous Catalina L’Amour is a Golden Era Hollywood starlet nabbed as part of a publicity stunt that turns real, and it’s up to Nick Paradise to save her! Hard-boiled P.I. Sam Paradise is looking for Kelly Ashton in “The Case of the Missing Model,” and flower- C.J. Taylor and Tasha Archer hope Peter Paradise can free them when they get in over their head with some long-haired, radical lunatics. Cast: Tatiana Varga, Roxy Rider, Devin Demoore, Catalina L’Amour, Kelly Ashton, C.J. Taylor, Tasha Archer and Kelsie Chambers.

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