Harmony Concepts – The Position

Harmony Concepts - The Position DVD

The ultimate hogtie tape! Oak presents his and according to our surveys, most Harmonizer’s favorite position, featuring nine of your favorite Harmony models. They find themselves in hogtie after hogtie (and gag after gag). EVE ELLIS and SADIE BELLE are hogtied with their elbows together. TANYA DANIELLE escapes a hogtie and hops to a phone to get help. ANGELIQUE LEI is hogtied in her lingerie on a bed and MISTY GRAYSON is tightly elbow-hogtied. HOLLYWOOD is hogtied on the floor in stockings and heels; SADIE BELLE is also hogtied in high heels. AMBER MICHAELS is tightly hogtied on floor and makes every conceivable effort to escape. Starring: Jeanne Basone, Sadie Belle, Tanya Danielle, Eve Ellis, Misty Grayson, Cassandra Knight, Alicia Silver, Amber Michaels and Angelique Lei.

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