He Broke The Staff Sergeant

I’m sitting in my car adjusting the mirror when out of the blue a burly man jumps into the passenger seat and forces a wet rag over my mouth and nose. I wake up in my home brutally bound to a chair. The bastard Anthony Peters slaps me across the face and starts to interrogate me about the code for the safe at the military base. I tell him to fuck off and he begins to fondle my bound body squeezing my exposed nipples. He doesn’t buy this and pulls out a thin leather cord wrapping around my throat until everything in my world goes black. I come to in a super tight hogtie and the man goat ropes me on the floor. He is still trying to get me to talk by toying with the goat rope lifting it and then pressing down on it as he watches me choke and sputter gasping for breath. He demands the code and my final refusal just pisses him off so he leaves me brutally bound in the goat rope struggling and choking knowing that it won’t be long.

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