House Of Gord – Room 237

A script taken directly from one of Gord’s most famous books, Project 237, has been transformed into a House of Gord feature length film – Room 237! Three succulent women are in from out of town for a beauty pageant. They check into Room 237, but they never check out! They are kidnapped by a slave trader who has received orders from three of his best customers. Watch as these spirited women are transformed into perfect sex slaves suiting each collector’s specific diabolical desires, then packaged for transport and shipped to their new owners. Starring Jewell Marceau, Adrianna Nichole (as Seven) and Claire Adams. Keywords: cages, corsets, electrical, exercise, kidnapping, gags, handcuffs, high heels, latex, leather, orgasm, public BDSM, rope bondage, spanking, spreader bars, stockings, stocks, suspension, slave training, extreme hogties.

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