Illustrious Rogue – Just Hanging Around

Things start off a bit differently for this visit with Illustrious Rogue. She’s in an unusual position, an inverted suspension, but other than her pulse pounding in her head, it’s not too difficult. I enter and strap a nice ball gag tightly into her mouth, and then begin to see just how interesting I can make things for the girl! Converting her suspension into an inverted cross-legged hogtie is a good start, and tying her toes off tightly to her wrists is a nice addition! I begin to tickle the extra sensitive soles of the poor girl! Laughing through her gag, twisting helplessly as my fingers drive her into hysterics, Rogue is releived when I stop tickling her, but only for a moment. After i spank her ass and paddle her body with a leather strap, she begins to miss the tickling!

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