Illustrious Rogue – Wrapped for Shipping

Illustrious Rogue - Wrapped for Shipping

Our sex slave business has a new client, and he’s chosen Illustrious Rogue as his new plaything! Helpless to stop us, Rogue can only watch in distress as she is slowly and methodically wrapped in tight red vet wrap from her ankles all the way up to her pretty little shoulders. By the time she is finished being prepared, her arms have been bound tightly together and welded to her body! Not an inch of flesh is exposed save for her hands that have been locked to the small of her back, her feet and her pretty little neck and hand! The client prefers to see his property drooling, so she’s given a nice, fat red ball gag and left to moan and writhe as she tries to free herself, but it’s no use.

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