Infernal Restraints – Dirty Girl Part 1 (Cherry Torn)

Cherry Torn is the perfect slave as PD mixes up a heady brew of cock play and Insex style Bdsm. He dresses her in a chastity belt, painfully high heels, and metal cuffs. Chaining her neck to the ceiling, he peruses Bdsm porn on his laptop. She suffers perfectly. His footsteps pound the stairs to the basement. He lifts a wooden door. She’s in a cage in the floor, a ring gag in her mouth. Cherrytorn lies helpless as he pisses on her, using her for his urinal. Her neck is locked to the wall so that she chokes just a little, drooling from a metal bit. Tears run down her face. PD splays her out with her toes barely touching the floor. He zips a skintight hood on her head and bolts a dildo into her cunt.

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