Infernal Restraints – Double Bagged (Dia Zerva, Sister Dee)

PD is nice enough to bring Old Cunt Sister Dee a friend. New Cunt Dia Zerva thinks she is here for a modeling gig until Old Cunt tells her she’s been held captive for six days. New Cunt quickly learns that the best times are when PD is away. He only comes around for a few reasons. When PD returns the first time, he shows New Cunt what’s coming. Old Cunt gets a nice dose of bastinado as she screams through a gag. When he comes for New Cunt, he pulls up her dress and starts beating her ass. Like Old Cunt, she’s bound so throughly, she cannot move away from the cane. The Two Cunts become One as they spend the next few days tied together.

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