Infernal Restraints – For Bondage’s Sake Part 2 (Calico Lane)

In part 2 of For Bondage’s sake, Calico’s suffering continues. Kneeling, blindfolded and gagged with a headgear that affixes her head to a post, Calico Lane is a mute lump of flesh for us to work over. The cane, vibrator and whip all make an appearance. Red welts quickly form stripes across her pale flesh, as the blindfold prevents her from anticipating the next blow! The vibrator elicits moans from beneath her strict gag as she squirms helplessly. Once we have tired of this position, we shift her to a standing pose. An ass hook lodged deeply inside her, vicious nipple clamps and nose hook serve to remind her of her place. All of this exposed flesh makes for perfect target practice and we whip away at our leisure, watching as she gets pushed closer and closer to the edge.

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