Infernal Restraints – Servant Dog (Hazel Hypnotic)

Infernal Restraints - Servant Dog

Hazel Hypnotic came to PD and said that she wanted order and purpose in life. He barks out directions like he is talking to a dog and she knows better than to defy him. There is no need to threaten or coerce her. Hazel asked to be dominated before she even knew what that word could really mean. PD has so many tools at his disposal that choosing one can sometimes be hard. A little latex and electricity go well together, though. It is a nice change of pace when he has gotten bored with caning her. Whatever it takes to make her scream, he has got it close at hand. Tags: Ass Caning, Ass Whipping, Blow job, Breast Caning, Breast Whipping, Bruises, Calf Caning, Caning, Electrical Play, Full Face Mask, Handcuff Hogtie, Latex, Leather Strap Gag, Leather Straps, Metal Bondage, Metal Collar, Metal Gag, Nipple Clamps, Pussy Caning, Ring Gags, Single Tail, Whips.

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