Infernal Restraints – Stinky Panties (Sybil Hawthorne)

Sybil’s panties aren’t really that stinky, but when someone tapes your panties to your face it feels like that’s what they are saying. Sybil Hawthorne has their panties taped to their face. Their mouth is wrenched open with hooks and the drool begins to flow. Sybil is strapped to a metal frame. The frame swings forward and back with a simple pin to hold it in place. He flips them back for some face fucking. Then forward for Mr Pogo to go in their cunt. He clamps their perfect tits in a metal contraption and that is attached to two beams beside them. This gives him great access to torment them as much as he wants. Sybil has to stand there and take it or step on the spike board.

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