Insex – Format 16 x 9 (Models 731, Elizabeth, Moonshine)

A collection of three fantastic shoots with three fantastic models. No one can beat 731’s iron will and determination as she hangs in the gibbet. Then, a saucy canagirl named Elizabeth flaunts her sexy body as she’s tied up, tickled, and whipped. Moonshine delivers the coup de grace, locked in stocks and toughing it out through several rounds of foot torture. Each model creates a foil for the next, revealing the daring of the girls, their courage, and the big bonus – three beautiful pussies. Tags: 731, Breast Bondage, Canagirls, Caning, Cattle-prod, Chain, Clothing, Dildo, Electro, Elizabeth, Flogging, Foot Torture, Forced Orgasm, Gag, Leather Hood, Metal, Moonshine, Nipple Clamp, Stocks, Suspension, Tickling, Toe-Tie, Tongue-clamp, Violet Wand, Whipping.

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