Insex – Kirby And Anna

Kirby sitting beside a table, fondling ropes, expectant. Kirby locked in metal box. Kirby is a breast, a leg, a tongue, some appendage tied off outside a metal box and tortured. Anna exudes innocent confidence until the rope tightens about her neck. She wilts. The hogtie is unsparing. She whines. He makes it tighter. Kirby is dragged from the box and bound. Suspended by her hair. Tagged: BreastBondage, Breathplay, Caning, Clothing, Cuffs, Dildo, Extreme-bondage, Foottorture, Forced Orgasm, Gag, Choking Hogtie, Mr-Pogo, Needles, Nipple Clamp, Noose, Rope, Suspension, Tip-toe, Tit-Torture, Toe-Tie, Tongue-clamp, Vibrator.

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