Insex – Kunt Log Pt 2 (Piglet)

Shoot starts off with Piglet suspended by her neck bondage, standing on her tiptoes. She is then tied kneeling, naked, and fed with water. Her boobs are tied in incredibly tight and tough bondage, and clamps pull her pussy apart while PD canes her feet, before finally vibing her clit her to cum. Next she’s tied standing up and tortured with nettles. Apparently those cause a painful skin reaction. Next she’s hogtied with a nose hook and tortured with a cattle prod. Tags: Breast-suspension, Breast Bondage, Cattle Prod, Device Bondage, Electro, Extreme-bondage, Gag, Hogtie, Nettles, Nose-hook, Piglet, Strap-on, Suspension, Tape Bondage.

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