Insex – Peaches Part 3

You have to admit she looks better dressed in ropes, a hard ball gag forcing her jaw wide. Take a gander at that wholesome freckled face, that sweet country-girl look. And breath deep, get yourself a lung full of the salty scent rising from her open crotch. Take your time with her, because she’s not going anywhere now that you’ve got a noose at her neck and you’ve trussed her like a calf. Genres: Body-harness, Breast Bondage, Neck Collar, CrotchRope, Extreme-bondage, BallGag, Heels, Hogtie, Labia-clamp, Leather, Noose, Peaches, Rope Bondage, Stockings, Strappado, String, Suspension, Tickling, Tit-Torture.

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