Insex – Woman In The Iron Mask (Angelica)

Angelica returns to Insex to test her limits in a third live feed. Face locked into a metal mask, she waits, languishing on the studio floor as the heat builds and the steel weighs heavily on her head. Chained to the ground, her movement is limited; angelica squirms and struggles but finds little relief. Genres: Angelica, Cage, Caning, Chain, Chastity-belt, Clothing, Collar, Cuffs, Dildo, Dunking, Fire, Foot Torture, Forced Orgasm, Gag, Heels, Helmet, Torture Horse, Leather, Metal, Nipple Clamp, Nose-hook, Posture collar, Rope, Suspension, Toe-Tie, Undressing, Vibrator, Water-torture, Wire, Yoke.

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