Insex – Yx 24h Live Feed Part 1

As I lowered my body into the water, I realized that it felt cold… not freezing cold, but uncomfortable cold. I could deal with that, I thought. This would be easy compared to some of the plans that I knew Pd had for me. Once my body was in, Pd lowered this grill over the tub, so that I had about 4 inches between the water level and the top of the grill. Tags: BreastBondage, Cable-ties, Caning, Clothing, Cuffs, Dildo, Door, Enema, Extreme-bondage, Hood, House, Labia-clamp, Metal, Mr-Pogo, Nipple Clamp, Nose-hook, Pissing, Posture collar, Rope, Rubber, Spreaderbar, Stocks, Strappado, Suspension, Tape, Undressing, Vibrator, Yoke.

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