Jamie Knotts – Bathing Suit Bound

Jamie Knotts is so excited to go to the beach and show off her new bathing suit! Unfortunately her boyfriend has had a rough day at work and the last thing he wants to do is get back in the car and fight traffic to go hang out at the beach. He suggest doing something to relax him before they leave, which means only one thing! A quick round of bondage! Since there’s not time for a lengthy session of rope, he binds the buxom blonde in a series of tight leather straps. He suggests a little game just for some extra fun, and Jamie agrees, only to find her big boobs pulled out of the bathing suit and a big red ball gag strapped into her mouth! Seems the game is how much she can struggle while he is having a quick nap! Left all by herself, the girl does her best to get free but she just can’t manage it.

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