Lexi Lane – Tightly Tied Trailer Trash

Lexi Lane watches helplessly as her big beautiful tits are tightly wrapped up in ropes. The thin clothes line cuts deep into the soft flesh around the base of her tits as he winds the ropes around her tits like a tourniquet. Lexi’s tits throb and swell up like balloons under the tight coils of rope. He ties her knees tightly together and wraps the ropes around the post pinning her legs tightly to the post. Now totally helpless and immobilized she struggles in the bondage looking down at as her big tits throb and swell. But he isn’t finished with her tits yet as he pulls out a set of clothes pins, Lexi sobs, begs and cries into her gag in protest as he attaches the clothes pins to her swollen, sensitive nipples. He leaves her there bound and helpless exposed for the whole trailer park to see.

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