Lydia Black – Thick Dance Tights Encasement

Sexy Lydia Black agreed to try out some pantyhose encasement with me. She starts out wearing a pair of the tights normally with some satin panties over the top. We ease both of her legs into a leg of a second pair of tights, turning her into a mermaid. We push both of her arms behind her into a 3rd pair of the thick Danskins tights, and pull the other leg up and over her head, distorting her face and smashing her nose. I cut the crotch out of a 4th pair and pull it down over head and cover her whole upper torso. Now that she is fully encased, I begin taking all of the extra legs of the hose and wrapping it around her body tightly and pulling her into a hogtie. I tie her hooded head back to her ankles and we stand back to watch her struggle it out.

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