Madalynn Raye – Hogtied Ambush On Her Own Bed

Madalynn Raye is stretching and and getting ready to enjoy herself with a nice nap when suddenly she’s rushed from behind by a man. He snatches her up and tosses her onto the bed. The wrestling match is on as he grabs some rope and tries desperately to hold her down. After roughing her up a bit and pulling her arms up in a sharp angle behind her back he finishes off her wrist bondage. Pulling her ankles up her legs fall next to the unforgiving rope. Madalynn isn’t done being feisty and she actually starts attacking the man with her torso. Her energy starts to run out and she finds herself increasinly helpless as the man finally grabs a piece of rope and pins her elbows up binding them tightly behind her as she screams her frustration with the scenario and her increasingly helpless state. Finally with her arms and legs tied he grabs a ballgag forcing her up into a seated position and clearing her hair out before forcing the black ballgag into her mouth.

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