Maria Jade Stretched & Sliced By Pendulum

Maria Jade is the next topless, very oiled up, shiny skinned, cuffed and stretched beyond her control unable to move a muscle, cleave gagged, slinky thong clad wearing damsel under my pendulum of doom. With every click we hear, the more her arms are stretched above her head pulling her arms up and up as her ankles are cuffed and chained tightly below the cold metal table. Her elbows go as straight as they can go before dislocating any shoulders revealing her very shiny smooth armpits, bare breasts, vulnerable belly, thighs, calves, and barefeet and spread toes. The light makes her oiled up body glisten so nicely as she realizes the pendulum above her starts swinging and so slowly lowering as she has no choice but to mpphh and hyperventilate out of fear through her black bandana cleave gag and her eyes beg for mercy but this metal sharp medieval torture device has no mercy as it continues to lower.

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