Michelle Peters – Goat Roped, Chicken Wing Hogtied In Her Lingerie

Petite Michelle Peters lays on the Hunter’s table on her belly bound and gagged in her bra, panties, garter, fishnet stockings and heels. Her elbows are slammed tightly together behind her back bound in ropes. A rope has been tied around her throat and tethered to a ring above her head. He slender ankles are tied and tethered to a ring at the base of the table. She struggles desperately stretched out between the ropes but there is no escape. The Hunter comes in and ties her wrists then jerks her arms up into a strict chicken wing with her hands pulled up to the small of her back and bound elbows jutting out. He then un-tethers her ankles and neck from the table and pulls her up sitting and adjusts the rope around her throat so the knot is at the base of her neck.

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