Nyxon – Transported To Training

Nyxon is being bound by a man she doesn’t know and is trying to talk him out of taking her to no avail. Finishing up her elbows the man takes a ballgag off his waist and shoves it into her mouth buckling it and silencing her pleas for freedom. With her wrists bound and eventually her ankles the man decides its time to take Nyxon on a little car ride. He lifts her up over his shoulder and carries her out of the building and up a slight hill to a waiting truck where he places her on the tailgate. Forces her back into the vehicle he grabs her legs and hogties her in the bed on the blanket he’s placed there. Closing the back of the vehicle he gets in the cab of the truck and you can hear the loud roar of the motor as he cranks it up and pulls off with his cargo of Nyxon safely in the back.

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