Cruel Bishop Reverse Prayer One Leg Balance

Cruel Bishop Reverse Prayer

With her arms cruelly twisted up behind her back in a brutal reverse prayer bleach blond Lauri Adverb struggles helplessly tethered to the overhead water pipes with ropes. He mouth has been tightly packed and wrapped with vet wrap to keep her quiet.

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Sexually Broken – Deepthroat Specialist

Sexually Broken - Deepthroat Specialist

Gaia really loves the deep throat. This compact little Asian simply cant get enough of the dick and here at Sexuallybroken we truly appreciate that level of dedication. And we reward that kind of dedication by stuffing their faceholes full of cock until their eyes glaze over and they start gasping!

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Infernal Restraints – All Stretched Out

Infernal Restraints - All Stretched Out

Being suspended in a cage about 6 feet above the ground has Sasha wondering what is coming next. From underneath her PD has great access to her ass and pussy. And the system of pullies is designed so that when he wants to PD can lower Sasha down to the ground and fuck her face mercilessly.

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Oliva – Whole Lot Of Bondage

Whole Lot Of Bondage

The Master is anything but greedy when it comes to spending the thick coils of rope that he’s got at his disposal. This new hot blond slavegirl of his is going to experience it on herself when she finds herself wrapped in what feels like miles of it!

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Maximum SM – Ich Habe Es Verdient

Maximum SM - Ich Habe Es Verdient

Black Panther Pictures presents Ich Habe Es Verdient, featuring 2 submissive female slaves getting the harsh punishment they deserve! Watch as they receive a wide array of tease from extreme tit and clit tease, hot wax and of course, being tied up! Don’t miss out!

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Ivy Manor – Submission Of Star

Ivy Manor - Submission Of Star

It began with a knock at the door. Slave Star returns to The Ivy Manor from her worldly travels. But because of her journey of misbehavior, Mistress Isabella Sinclaire is compelled to remind Star that there is no place like home… to be whipped back into shape that is.

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Jail Or Slavery

Jail Or Slavery

Morgan is a good girl but she has a secret. One that could get her in big trouble with the law. Her boss finds out and he gives her a blackmailed ultimatum, Jail or Slavery. What happens when you give yourself up to a depraved bondage sicko?

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Cinemagic – Rina Fukada

Rina Fukada

Cool Beauty Lena Public Safety investigator love justice, to challenge the huge evil lurks within the organization! But she fells victim of her cruel felon.

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Mood Pictures – Domina Education

Domina Education

We are seeking new mistresses (dominas) for Elite Pain. We give it a try, and see whether a good submissive can be transformed to a vicious mistress. This video shows the education of Anette to become a good domina.

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Hard Tied – Mud Pie Pd And 412

Hard Tied - Mud Pie

412 has a high tolerance for pain and humiliation but that does not mean she can stand up to anything. She holds together pretty well, but when PD takes his cane to the soles of her feet she screams and cries like it is her first time taking a beating. She is wracked with sobs and her face is twisted into a grimace as she tries to maintain herself in the face of overwhelming agony. PD does a lot of sadistic shit to 412 but the hottest is probably when he stakes her to the ground in a muddy creek bed. She is vulnerable, cold and getting covered in the muck while she struggles futilely against the bondage. There is a sense of urgency once the water level begins to rise. P.D. has opened the pipes and now 412 is racing to free herself before her head goes under.

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Insex – 831S Test

Insex - 831S Test

Silent, seductive 831 submits to bondage, pain, humiliation, and a long suffocation scene that leads to orgasm. There is something heady, something perilous in the way her body wrings itself in desire. It is a spell that 831 weaves, to be so ultimately and passively willing.

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Sexually Broken – Apartment 345 – Penny Pax

Sexually Broken - Apartment 345

This months installment is “Apartment 345” starring Penny Pax. Penny is returning home form a nice lunch with her friends. Like most pretty girls in the SF Bay Area, Penny is single and truth to tell, a bit lonely. It seems like all the attractive hot guys have different interests.

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Wilhelm Siethen – Bound Destiny

This unusual torture video opens in the midst of one of the most bizarre scenes ever: a beautiful dark-haired girl, stark naked, is being relentlessly battered by a woman as starkly savage as any youve see in your life – and yet, shes thoroughly enjoying it! Not only does the girl thrill to every cutting stroke, she gets increasingly aroused sexually. Enter two innocent cuties – their car has broken down, and this spooky old house is the only place anywhere nearby. They have to stay overnight and, well, the result can only be described as harrowing. At first, the girls are restricted to a bedroom. Discovering implements of sadomasochism, however, they fall into a girlish, giggly session of bondage play. But when curiosity gets the best of one of them, and she disobeys the Mistress of the house, fun bondage turns into very real cruelty. First one and then the other is mercilessly brutalized. Fiendishly creative torments are brought into play. The owner of the house has constructed a medieval chamber of horrors in her basement, filling it with torture devices and instruments of suffering. And does the bitch ever know how to use them!

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