Rachel Adams – Crotchroped Stretched Back Arched Nipple Torment

Hapless Rachel Adams sits on a low stool in a tiny blue bikini with her back against a horizonal bar, her arms are fused together behind her back in a brutally tight chickenwing with the bar trapped between her back and crushed elbows. The Hunter comes in and pulls her tits out of her tiny blue bikini top, he then places a set of breast vacuum pumps over her nipples and twists the handles to suck all the air out of the pumps. As her poor nipples throb and swell inside the vacuum tubes her ties a rope around her tiny waist then pulls the rope down between her legs. The Crotch rope is then attached to a chain hanging down from an overhead pulley. As Rachel begs and cries in horror he presses the button on the winch and slowly cranks her up in to a stict back arch with her shoulders resting against the horizonal pipe.

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