Rachel Adams Gets Tied In Super Tight Reverse Prayer Hogtie With Twine

Sexy MILF Rachel Adams is always up for some tough bondage so I decide to give her some good, tight predicament bondage. I bind Rachel’s wrists together tight and then use more twine to pull her arms tighter to her body, pulling the reverse prayer even tighter to add to her predicament. I take more twine and use it to secure and cinch the twine around her arms and create another harness. With her arms now secured tight I add a tight crotch rope as the twine pulls tight into Rachel’s pussy. Once the crotch rope is in place I move Rachel to the floor to finish off her tight bondage predicament. With more twine i tightly bind Rachel’s ankles followed by her legs above the knee. More twine in then looped around her ankles and the chest and shoulder harness and cinched down tight, pulling Rachel into a tight hogtie.

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