Rachel Adams Gets Ziptied Part 1

Sexy Rachel Adams stands nervously waiting for her predicament to begin. Wearing a sexy pink bra & panty set with black pantyhose and strappy high heels, the MILF will soon be put to the test with a tight ziptie predicament. First Rachel’s arms are pulled behind her back and her wrists are ziptied. Her arms arm then tightly ziptied to her side at the shoulders and elbows, pinning her hands behind her shoulder blades and stressing her arms. Rachel is then turned around, showing off her pinned arms. Rachel is then turned back around. Her thick, sexy pantyhose thighs are tightly ziptied together followed by her ankles. The zipties are tight and dig into Rachel’s skin. I’m sure it is uncomfortable, but then that’s what I want. A big black ballgag is secured tightly in to her mouth and then I proceed with her ziptied agony.

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