Rachel’s Comeuppance Is Hogtied Bathtub Peril

My sexy MILF neighbor, Rachel Adams, just could not keep her hands off my property. So, aftter catching her on my land and messing around with my property again, I decided to teach her a lesson. I stripped the sexy little MILF down to just her pantyhose and tied her hands behind her back. A big black ball gag os secured tightly in her mouth to keep her quiet. She’s led into the bathroom where I her into the bathtub and make her sit down. Using more rope I tie her ankles tightly together and then roll her onto her stomach. With more rope in hand I cinch her ankles and pull her into a hogtie. Just to be an ass, I programmed the jets in the tub to come on while I am hogtying Rachel. Once Rachel is securely hogtied and helpless in the bathtub it’s time for her to pay for her crimes. Her comeuppance or punishment, trying to keep her head above the water as the tub fills up!

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