Rachel’s Hogtied Escape Challenge Leaves Her In Tears

Sexy Rachel Adams loves challenge, so she was quick to accept my escape challenge. The rules are simple. She will have 20 minutes to escape once I have finished tying her into a hogtie. If she fails to escape in the allotted time then her punishment will be tickle torture while tied up. First her hands are tied tight behind her back. Then her ankles are tightly tied together. Once her hands and ankles are tightly tied, I secure a big black ball gag in her mouth. Once the gag is in place I tie her legs together above her knees. I then add a tight chest harness that pins her arms tight to her body. Rachel is then placed on her stomach and I pull her into a tight hogtie and secure the ropes. Rachel puts all of her effort into her escape. She fights so hard, struggles and works to escape so much that she ends up in tears.

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