Rachel’s Metal Chicken Wing Hogcuff Predicament

Sexy Rachel Adams is back for another tough bondage predicament. This time with some unforgiving metal bondage! With her hands cuffed behind her back a neck cuff is the locked in place. More metal is added when her elbows are locked in cuffs as well. Rachel is then moved to a sitting position as her ankles are locked together with more hinged cuffs and a ball gag has been secured in her mouth. Moved to her stomach, Rachel’s ankles are then secured to her neckcuff with another pair of handcuffs, locking the sexy bondage legend in a tough and awkward hogcuff, ankles to neck. After a few minutes of enjoying Rachel struggle and test her metal bonds it’s time to make her predicament even tougher. First her ankles are released from her neckcuff. Her arms are then pulled into a chicken wing and locked in place as the chain from her neck cuff is looped under her cuffed wrists and secure to her elbow cuffs, effectively locking her into the tough metal chicken wing. But i’m not done, her ankles are then pulled up and locked to her wrists cuffs, now adding a hogcuff to her metal chicken wing.

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