Raquel Roper – Doe-Eyed Damsel Cruelly Hogtied

Pretty doe-eyed Raquel Roper is carried into the lair struggling helplessly bound and gagged, slung over the Hunter’s shoulder. Her elbows are slammed tightly together behind her back, her shapely legs are fused tightly together with ropes tied around her ankles and knees. Raquel watches helplessly from the table as he grabs a chain hanging down from and overhead pulley. He attaches the chain to her hogtie/crotch rope and then begins to crank the winch on the wall. The chain pulls up on her hogtie/crotch rope pulling her arms up and her back into an arch as the crotch rope slices deeper into her pussy. He leaves her hogtied and totally helpless sobbing into her gag.

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