Reagan Lush – Halloween Horror

Reagan Lush has been taken to an otherworldly place. There are rats, spiders, spider webs and skeletons. Reagan is hanging arms over head by a hook. Her arms pulled tight and straight over her head attached to a crank. Her feet are tied together. Reagan awakens and see the pumpkin head creature standing in front of her. He goes to the crank and gives it a few turns which stretches’her even tighter. He starts swinging a flogger back and forth from side to side aiming mostly at her chest. After a while Reagan’s crop top starts to shred. Soon her top is almost completely shredded off of her revealing her tits. He uses a blade to cut away what’s left of Reagan’s top. eagan shrieks in horror as he uses it to tease her running it down her sids and poking he nipples.

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