Reagan Stripped Of Her Bikini & Bound Outside

Slutty blonde neighbor Reagan Lush has been flaunting her body and flirting with all the husbands on the block and it is time to teach the bimbo a lesson. Today she’s strutting around the streets in a skimpy silver bikini with black over the knee boots. Who dresses like that? I march her into the back yard with her elbows bound tightly behind her back and a big ballgag her cock sucking mouth wide open. I bind her arms to a punishment post and tie her booted ankles to the rings on the platform. Reagan cries and moans into her gag as I grope and fondle her big tits and pussy. I untie the strings on her bikini bottom leaving her bare pussy exposed and then do the same to her top. Reagan is drooling like a pig but I don’t care.

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