Ren Smolder – Grabbed By Her Stalker And Left Hogtied

Leggy Ren Smolder is grabbed from behind by a pair of powerful hands as she enters the room, she tries to scream for help but a soaked rag is pressed tightly over her nose and mouth. Ren struggles in his grasp fighting as the chloroform takes effect. She wakes up later laying on her bed, she tries to move but when she does she can feel the tight ropes digging deep into the soft flesh around her elbows and biting deep into her wrists. Ren tries to scream but her screams are muffled by a large rag that has been stuffed deep in her mouth and sealed in place by layers of white sticky tape. Frantic now trying to get her hands to cooperate she doesn’t hear the brute come up behind her. He throws her onto the bed and before she has a chance to roll over and try to kick at him with her stiletto heels he is on top of her. He grabs her long legs and crosses her ankles over each other, ropes are tied around her crossed ankles her knees to spread apart. He grab more ropes and ties her crossed and bound ankles to her hands in a cruelly tight hogtied.

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