Rick Savage – Bound Asian Beauty 1 – Mei Ling

Any fan of Master Rick Savage knows that he is fascinated by oriental culture & Japanese bondage techniques, so he can’t wait to get his sadistic hands on our BOUND ASIAN BEAUTY. Mei-Ling has a serene zen like tolerence for pain, which she demonstrates as the master painfully pulls on her nipple rings with clips attached to a chain. Mei-Ling is bound to a St. Andrews cross, as Master Savage inflicts severe ass punishment using a variety of floggers and his bare hand. Completely nude and tied to a recliner, our pretty victim is exposed to intense pussy torment using a riding crop and two static producing electronic instruments. Finally, using his most intricate rope tying techniquess, Rick leaves Mei-Ling bound and helpless inside a cramped metal washtub so she can contemplete her next encounter with the Master.

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