Rick Savage – Bound Asian Beauty 1 – Melody

In Bound Asian Beauty 3, Master Rick Savage introduces us to a pretty & demure bondage virgin named Melody. Unlike most oriental girls, she has large well rounded breasts and the Master subjects them toa vicous tit teasing and flogging session. It becomes painfully obvious that it’s Melody’s first time by the terrifed look on her face, as Rick applies tight restrictive rubber bands around her breasts and clothes-pins to her swollen nipples. After introducing Melody to the art of Japenese rope bondage, Rick manipulates her tormented nipples with ice tongs and spanks her luscious ass cheeks with a jagged wooden paint paddle. In our final “chilling” scene, Melody, now completely nude, is gagged and tied to a cold metal fire escape in plain view of the NYC streets below.

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