Rick Savage – Bound Asian Beauty 2 – Rosie

Rosie, a pretty, oriental girl with firm muscular body is our newest victim as we find her kneeling on the floor in a submissive position. Rick Savage conducts a clinic in rope tying by binding her wrists, knees and ankles and devises a constrictive, uncomffortable rope bra. Rosie writhes in pain as the Master kneads & pinches her ample breasts with cold metal ice tongs. We next find Rosie, nude & gagged, as she is tied face down to an examination table. Master Savage begins a strange combination of ass caressing then violently spanking her firm well rounded butt cheeks. After a vicous flogging, her genital areas are pricked and teased witha wortenberg wheel. The Master decides not to ignore our victim’s pretty feet as he punishes her soles with a rubber flogger.

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