Russian Fetish – I Want To Lick Her Smelly Feet

Russian Fetish - I Want To Lick Her Smelly Feet

Tickler and foot maniacs tied and tickled Marica in her house. While Marica was returning home, two maniacs had already cracked her door, they managed to sneak in and hid in one of the rooms, waiting for Marica. The criminals put a blindfold on the girl’s eyes and tickle her until she gets crazy, they tickle her feet and sides, breasts, and then use a comb and a large goose feather on her feet. The foot lover begins to suck and lick Marica’s feet again. Having changed the position of the girl into hogtie and tightly tied her, foot lover begins to torture Marica’s feet with a tickle using a comb, and then unties her legs and presses them to him to lick them more carefully.

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