Beauties In Bondage – Backlash

Beauties In Bondage - Backlash

Amber arrives as an employee of the local authority’s Building Committee to challenge the occupant of a home about a structure he is building. She does not hear the man approach from behind and panics when he grabs her and presses a cloth over her nose and mouth, rendering her senseless. When Amber starts to recover, she finds herself in the process of being tied up. She struggles frantically and uses harsh language against the man restraining her, but she woke too late to make a run for it. Keywords: damsel in distress, girl next door bondage, bound and gagged, tied up and gagged, tied up girl, tied up woman, tight bondage, tight hogtie, tight ropes, tape gagged, bound hand and foot, mouth stuffing, chloroformed woman, tied spreadeagle, cleave gag, bound damsel.

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Beauties In Bondage – Court Martial

Beauties In Bondage - Court Martial

When the MPs recover, they find themselves handcuffed to hooks in the ceiling via zipties, and they are gagged. Next to them, seated on the concrete floor and secured to a pole, is Hannah. The three struggle against their restraints but there is simply no way out. At last, the intruder returns. Hannah makes it clear by mmmphing loudly that she wants to talk to him. Keywords: damsels in distress, girl next door bondage, gagged women, damsel in distress, girls in distress, cadence lux, cali logan, hannah perez, tied up with zip ties, duct tape gag, tape gagged.

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Beauties In Bondage – Vengeance Is Mine

Beauties In Bondage - Vengeance Is Mine

After serving two years in prison for a crime she did not commit, Niki Lee Young is now desperate for vengeance. She has plans for her three ex-colleagues, which start with taking Dee and Jamie during their lunch break and driving them, wrists ziptied and mouths taped gagged, to Jessica’s house where Niki has already broken in. She marches her two prisoners into the basement and sits them on chairs and uses another zip tie to connect them back to back to a metal pole. Niki then secures their ankles with more zip ties before explaining to them about the cluster of grenades where she has wired all the pins together. She attaches a cord from these to the garage door handle so that when Jessica arrives and enters through the garage, she’ll open the door and pull the pins. Keywords: girls in bondage, girls in distress, tied up with ropes, damsels in distress, tied up with zip ties, duct tape gag, gagged women, hannah perez, cali logan, cadence lux, jamie daniels, niki lee young.

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Beauties In Bondage – Lost Girls

Beauties In Bondage - Lost Girls

Hannah is busy berating her partner Bub when the two see a car approaching along their potholed driveway. They see two girls (Cali and Cadence) inside the vehicle, almost certainly lost, and decide to have some fun with them. They go to greet the girls, ostensibly to give them directions, then Hannah suddenly holds them up and forces them to climb out of the car. While Bub keeps the girls covered, Hannah zip ties their wrists. She is about to secure Cadence’s ankles when Cali makes a run for it. Hannah gives chase and drags the girl to the ground, promptly zip tying her ankles to make her stay put. Inside, the girls soon find themselves tied to chairs and gagged. Keywords: girls in bondage, girls in distress, tied up with ropes, tied up with zip ties, duct tape gag, hannah perez, cali logan, cadence lux, jamie daniels, niki lee young.

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Borderland Bound – Uniformed Beauties Struggle

AESP - Final Exam

Anissa, Pandora, Kourtney, Kellie & Sally in: With Gags Tied Tightly Between Their Teeth, Uniformed Beauties Struggle Desperately For Release! Our main headliner is the ravishing Pandora detained in her office, but we have some special treats for you here, including a bonus Kellie and Sally sequence featuring never-before-seen cleave gag action and the complete cleave gaggings from a previous tape bondage release.

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Harmony Concepts – The Steel Butterfly Lives

Can this femme fatale succeed with her wicked scheme and become the world’s greatest criminal? A thrilling adventure with lots of on-screen tying makes this a tape no fan of barefoot beauties in bondage should miss! 75 Minutes of big tits in bondage! Starring Lorelei, Andrea Neal, Heidi Lynne, Jessica Eden & Alecia Parks. Barefoot big titted beauties, a thrilling adventure with lots of on-screen tying, suspension, gags, crotchropes and bound tits!

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Jay Edwards – Cup Discipline

Another bevy of buxom beauties is caught up in the restrictive ropework of Jay Edwards. Beautiful breasts are bound, squeezed, caressed, pinched and clamped. Lusty Rikki starts us off with two passionate bondage scenes. First, Jay Edwards turns her standing tie into a taut strappado, then she’s spread out on a rotating platform. The vibrator under her crotchrope, combined with the hot wax Jay drips all over her flesh, drives her into a sexual frenzy!

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Batgirl Chrissy And Detective Khristall Captured

Now Chrissy Marie and Khristall are both naked and tightly hogtied on the kitchen table. Both of them have apples shoved in their mouths and Chrissy now also has “For” written on one foot and “Sale” written on the other foot just like Khristall. There is still another camera in front of them filming them for the bidders. For the rest of the video they desperately struggle to escape before it’s too late! Plenty of close ups of Chrissy and Khristall’s feet as well as close ups of their faces mixed in as they both drool heavily from their apple gagged mouths! It doesn’t look good for these two bound barefoot beauties! Keywords: batgirl, chrissy marie, khristall, bound, cleave gag, barefoot bondage, struggling, handcuffed, hogtied barefoot, apple gagged, drooling, off screen tying, rope bondage, foot fetish.

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Sistaz N’ Chainz

Enjoy 60 minutes with all-girl, all-black bondage! Watch these five lust black beauties bring new & painful pleasure to each other. See them take their punishment and squirm for more. Starring: Dominique Simone, Sable, Cassandra Curves and Yasmine Pendavis.

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High Strung Women

Exploring the complex world of Japanese Erotic Rope Bondage “Kinbaku” Andrew Blake creates high style fetish scenarios which utilize these visually intricate “tools” of restraint. Starring sixteen renowned beauties of adult film this collection entitled “High Strung Women” offers a glimpse into the centuries old art of erotic confinement!

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