Chimera Bondage – Katy Cee

Katy Cee

Katy Cee frog ties her legs gives instructions to her boyfriend on what she wants him to do before securing a head harness into place on herself with an inflatable gag in her mouth. Her boyfriend then follows his instructions and fastens her arms behind her back into a mono glove armbinder and tightens Katy’s chastity belt and leaves her to wriggle on the floor.

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Chimera Bondage – On The Crotch Rope

Tracey fills a metal bucket with lots of metal and concrete weights then switches on the electromagnet and attaches the bucket to the magnet. She then ties a spreader bar between her ankles and a crotch rope around herself and its end up and over a hook and fastens it to the bucket.

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Chimera Bondage – Ariel Returns With Two Hogties

The first is a simple legs tied with rope and hands cuffed to her ankles as she waits for the keys to be released from some melting ice; the second is her fantasy and a much stricter tie. She has straps around her ankles, above and below her knees and tits with more around her wrists and elbows which pull her elbows tightly together.

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Chimera Bondage – Old Farm House

Chimera Bondage - Old Farm House

Anita empties the contents of a bag onto the sheet then proceeds to tie her ankles and knees then ties a rope between her ankle rope and a set of handcuffs and looks around again before fastening a ball gag into her mouth and places a ties a blindfold in place so she can not see, finally securing her wrists into the cuffs behind her back so she is hogtied.

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