Russian Fetish – I Want To Lick Her Smelly Feet

Russian Fetish - I Want To Lick Her Smelly Feet

Tickler and foot maniacs tied and tickled Marica in her house. While Marica was returning home, two maniacs had already cracked her door, they managed to sneak in and hid in one of the rooms, waiting for Marica. The criminals put a blindfold on the girl’s eyes and tickle her until she gets crazy, they tickle her feet and sides, breasts, and then use a comb and a large goose feather on her feet. The foot lover begins to suck and lick Marica’s feet again. Having changed the position of the girl into hogtie and tightly tied her, foot lover begins to torture Marica’s feet with a tickle using a comb, and then unties her legs and presses them to him to lick them more carefully.

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JP & Yvette – Forced To Trot On Leash Then Hogtied

JP & Yvette - Forced To Trot On Leash Then Hogtied

Yvette is nipple clamped and we are led on leashes in heels around the estate. He’s walking quickly so we are forced to trot in heels and rope, me with a 3 inch ballgag in my mouth and Yvette with a ballgag as well. After our walk our gags are changed, stuffing and vetwrap and then we are hogtied on the cement and struggle in the hot Spanish sun.

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Chrissy Marie – Stretched & Sweaty Interrogation

I will torture you slowly and methodically until you beg me for mercy.” So you electrocute her again, but this time it knocks her out. Chrissy Marie is hanging from her wrists, slumped and sweaty. The camera slowly pans her body with close ups of her sweaty, stubbly armpits. When she comes to her attitude has changed. She pleads with you “please no more torture, have mercy”. I can’t tell you anything but I beg you, please don’t torture me. I will do anything.

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Electro Torture In Prague

Extreme hard and mercyless electroshocks. Two gorgeous young slaves fantasticly tied, hanged naked & beaten. Then the cruel Master appears with some heavy electrical equipment, designed to torture!

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House Of Frazier #2 – Binding Contract

When Bill let Feona out of his sight for just one minute, he never thought there would be trouble. Feona was supposed to sign an important contract, but she changed her mind and now Bill is furious. When Feona returns Bill insists that she sign the contract, but she refuses. So Bill will have to persuade her. Bill goes to work on her, putting Feona through some very strict bondage until she agreed to sign the contract!

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