Jay Edwards – Layla Exposed

Lovely Layla wanders in through the door without a care in the world but that will soon change. Jay is not pleased and she knows what that means as she grudgingly retrieves the ropes and gags that will enslave her. She tries her best to tease him so he will go easy on her but that never seems to work. She is thoroughly tied onscreen amid her feeble protests and coy smiles. Bound and gagged, she is dumped onto the leather sofa where she wriggles and moans while Jay Edwards leaves to prepare for the rest of her bondage day. Now decked out in gorgeous lingerie, Layla is tied atop an ottoman with a black ballgag filling her mouth. Jay Edwards knots up a few more ropes as she struggles against the increasing strictness of her bondage.

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Layla Bondage Addiction – Lilli – Taking My Breath Away

Lilli can’t breath much at the moment, and the little she can doesn’t taste taste so good. She is nude and she just cannot move, she told me that in such position it as like her body wasn’t responding to her brain, she expected to do something but the result was something different. To make things worse her arms are slowly chocking herself and it is only going to be worse as her legs muscles get tired. It is amusing to watch her trying to find a more confortable position and fail miserably, while her eyes blink in despair. When she can’t get it anymore we make her rest in a tight hogtie where she can appreciate how her socks taste a little more, squirming and sobbing slowly, wet like a fish in its net!

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Layla Bondage Addiction – Simply Unbearable

Layla Bondage Addiction - Simply Unbearable

Queeny told us that after all te ropework wasn’t all that, implying that Layla isn’t a very strict rigger and that she could even try to escape. If she wants to know what “tight” means we are ready to show her. So we told Layla to tie Queeny in “nightmare” mode! With few precise movements, without using a lot of rope, but just pulling very tight ropes connecting feet, hands and neck, Layla put Queeny in an inescapable pain. You see Queeny cocky smile slowly fading away and turning into moan. Then we put harness ball gag in her mouth, and the true pain started. It didn’t last very much. The tight hogtie was simply unbearable and Queeny begged to be released after few minutes.

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Into The Attic – Layla Grace

20 year old Layla Grace showed up to The Attic and, as always, we begin by interviewing her. She tells us her stats, the first time she had sex, if she swallows, what she does for fun, how often she masturbates (never!). She tells JR she wants her limits pushed, that she wants to find out where they are, if any.

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Dg Bondage Video Collection 3

Dg Bondage Video Collection 3. Starring: Angel Lee, Evelyn Rose, Kendra James, Lola Lynn, Paris Kennedy, Lola Lynn, Tara Rose, Betty Jaded, Candle Boxxx, Isobel Wren, Kimberly Marvel, Layla Mercedes, Dixie Comet, Crystal Frost, Elizabeth Andrews, Serene Isley, Natalie Minx, Angel Darling, Lexi Richele, Christina Carter.

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Jay Edwards – No Way Out (JEV-173 )

JEV-173 - No Way Out

Long, leggy Layla is on the move! Wearing a skintight blue mini-dress, high heels, lots of rope and a fat white ballgag, the pretty brunette hops out into the hallway, then squirms all the way down a whole fight of stairs and hops to front door. This lady wants OUT, but that’s just too bad. Her bondage-weary hands fumble uselessly with the doorknob, frustrating her so badly that she doesn’t even notice her captor when he walks up behind her. Tossing his lithe prisoner over his shoulder, Jay Edwards carries her back up the stairs, then makes her pay for her little escape attempt with a body straining bent-forward position. When next we find Layla, she’s been re-dressed in sexy bottomless lingerie with stockings, heels and gloves. Bound kneeling backward on the girlie-go-round, her soft whimpers turn to squeals when Jay places rod-mounted clips on her nipples.

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Small Cyrus – The Training Session

Small Cyrus - The Training Session

Layla agreed to let Queeny tie her up, all in all she is pretty confident to escape in no time from Queeny rookie knots. But what’s going on here, she just started to play the helpless damsel in distress role for her friend amusement that she decides to take a nap…omg…how can she leave her friend like that. As much as Queeny love to see her friend all tied up she feels so tired…she needs rest..she dreams…Gaffurio appears…a clown….another Small Cyrus minion…

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