Chrissy Marie – PI In Distress

Now Khristall has Chrissy tied up with rope on a couch. Chrissy’s hands are tied behind her back, her arms are tied to her torso with ropes crossing her stomach and right above her breasts. Her legs are bound at the thighs. The scene starts with Khristall finishing up tying Chrissy’s ankles together.

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Skye Blue – The Pit And The Pendulum

Skye Blue opens her eyes and finds herself tightly stretched out tied spread eagle on a table. She looks up and sees a razor sharp pendulum dangling over her freshly oiled body and begins to freak out. She struggles and fights, but the restraints hold her securely in place. Then, the pendulum begins to swing back and forth… She is really scared now. She cries and pleads, but its no use.. The pendulum swings and begins lowering down, getting closer to her supple skin with every pass! This video also comes with a shocking alternate ending not for the faint of heart! Keywords: skye blue, pendulum, dark fantasy, doom fetish, damsel in peril, oiled body, spread eagle, cleave gagged, gag talk, damsels in distress, pleading, struggling.

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Illustrious Rogue – Wrapped for Shipping

Illustrious Rogue - Wrapped for Shipping

Our sex slave business has a new client, and he’s chosen Illustrious Rogue as his new plaything! Helpless to stop us, Rogue can only watch in distress as she is slowly and methodically wrapped in tight red vet wrap from her ankles all the way up to her pretty little shoulders. By the time she is finished being prepared, her arms have been bound tightly together and welded to her body! Not an inch of flesh is exposed save for her hands that have been locked to the small of her back, her feet and her pretty little neck and hand! The client prefers to see his property drooling, so she’s given a nice, fat red ball gag and left to moan and writhe as she tries to free herself, but it’s no use.

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Ayla Aysel – Distressed Debutante

Ayla Aysel feels large hands come in and lift her upright. He ties her knees together and then sits on her legs with his weight pinning her down. He unties the rope from her neck and removes her hood. She squints for a moment as bright light stings her eyes. By the time she can see, he has rolled her over onto her stomach and is wrapping a rope around her waist. He yanks it up between her legs and it digs through her thin satin panties deep into her crotch. She lets out a muffled moan and tries to kick him off of her, but he has her pinned down. Next he grabs her ankles and ties them up to her body in a hogtie. Now she won’t be kicking at anyone.

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Andrea Neal – More Than Just Strict Design

I have to thank a member for sending me an email asking for me to go back and post some really old stuff. So I decided I would go back to the origins of Andrea’s shoots and revisit pictures that haven’t seen the light of day in decades. Yeah, I know my rope work is barely passable, and the lighting is well… non existent, there is still a certain charm to these photos that is enduring. Plus, its fucking Andrea Neal. And yes, you all out there have probably heard how much we all just Adored her to – but we did – and you can see why in these pictures. She was just so… real. Fun, quirky, girl next door, awesomeness – and a girl that could turn on the “Damsel in Distress” thing so well, that on more than one occasion, I stopped to shooting to make sure she wasn’t really in life-theatening distress.

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Beauties In Bondage – Vengeance Is Mine

Beauties In Bondage - Vengeance Is Mine

After serving two years in prison for a crime she did not commit, Niki Lee Young is now desperate for vengeance. She has plans for her three ex-colleagues, which start with taking Dee and Jamie during their lunch break and driving them, wrists ziptied and mouths taped gagged, to Jessica’s house where Niki has already broken in. She marches her two prisoners into the basement and sits them on chairs and uses another zip tie to connect them back to back to a metal pole. Niki then secures their ankles with more zip ties before explaining to them about the cluster of grenades where she has wired all the pins together. She attaches a cord from these to the garage door handle so that when Jessica arrives and enters through the garage, she’ll open the door and pull the pins. Keywords: girls in bondage, girls in distress, tied up with ropes, damsels in distress, tied up with zip ties, duct tape gag, gagged women, hannah perez, cali logan, cadence lux, jamie daniels, niki lee young.

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Batgirl’s Bondage Therapy

Batgirl's Bondage Therapy

Batgirl is laying on the couch talking to her new therapist. She explains the reason for visit is because Batman thinks she has had a change in behavior. The first clue was the change in costume from the traditional to the more revealing bikini costume. She also explains that Batman thinks that she’s allowing herself to be captured and tied up by low level henchmen because she secretly enjoys being captured and tied up. Batgirl laughs and obviously doesn’t believe Batman’s theory but the therapist wants to test it by tying her up and observing her behavior. Keywords: Chrissy Marie, rope bondage, stockinged feet, struggling, tied up, cleave gag, groping, hand gagging, non-nude, bikini, bound orgasms, sleepy limp fetish, damsel in distress.

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Chrissy’s Bondage Therapy

Chrissy's Bondage Therapy

Chrissy Marie can’t believe what is happening, she struggles furiously and tries to be as loud as possible, but the ropes and gag are so tight that it’s a hopeless effort. Eventually he returns for her. He picks her up while hogtied and throws her onto the bed. He tells her he is going to go freshen up so they can have some more fun together. Her eyes widen with horror and she struggles even more intensely now! Of course she won’t be able to escape before he returns for her to have his way and blackmail her into writing him a great review to attract his next victim! Keywords: rope bondage, on screen gagging, damsel in distress, struggling barefoot, Chrissy Marie, hogtied, microfoam, mouth packing, stripped topless, denim shorts, futile struggle, bare soles, groping, helpless brunette.

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Penelope’s Bondage Therapy

Penelope's Bondage Therapy

Another new client has arrived for the infamous bondage therapist! He recruited one of his first clients, Chrissy Marie, to be his partner and she has been befriending beautiful girls only to lure them into trying the alternative therapy. She receives a nice cash bonus overtime she sends a new girl his way! This one is quite beautiful and the therapist quickly takes a liking to her. She is skeptical about his techniques, but like all the other girls, he talks her into giving it a shot! Keywords: rope bondage, damsel in distress, struggling in bondage, Penelope, hogtied girl, sock gagged, cleave gag, on screen gagging, on screen tying, crop top, sneakers, knee socks, barefoot girl, brunette in bondage, helpless teen, wrinkled soles.

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Captive Chrissy Marie – Ultragirl Ambushed

Captive Chrissy Marie - Ultragirl Ambushed

Later Ultragirl wakes up in her empty tub. Her power belt is draped over the side of the tub, in view but out of reach in bound predicament. Her wrists and elbows are pinned together behind her back and she is in a tight hogtie. She protests defiantly to the villain until he decides to ballgag her. He then re-starts the water which begins to fill up the tub. Ultragirl struggles desperately and continues to protest defiantly as the water slowly gets higher and higher. Keywords: Chrissy Marie, nylons, pantyhose, knee high boots, costumes, superheroines, damsel in distress, foot fetish, knocked out, groping, lift & carry, bound, hogtied, ballgagged, bathtub, water bondage.

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Pulley Breathing

H2o Bondage Gems – Drea Morgan and Lyn find themselves in a predicament they cant believe. Damsels in Distress to the extreme! They have to really concentrate on helping the other by giving each other a break from holding their breath due to the rope being just long enough for one to stay above water!

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Anton Productions – Bound At Home Eve Ellis

Hot redhead Eve Ellis is captured by a merciless intruder in a hockey mask. The masked creep ties Eve very securely to a chair, her hands cuffed behind her back and pulls a cloth tightly between her teeth. He exits and Eve struggles to no avail. The camera captures this fine damsels distress from several angles while she whimpers in fear and pain. She is adorably helpless in her blue tank top and jeans. Despite Eves constant whining, the villain ties her up yet again. He finally shuts her up with a cleave gag. Rope around Eves chest perfectly frames her huge tits as she struggles exhaustingly on the couch, then the floor. The onscreen tying takes a while, uses lots of rope and is very secure. Eve Ellis has to strip down to her white cotton panties and socks, revealing her luscious tits and shapely body.

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Anton Productions – Bondage Nightmares

Anton Productions - Bondage Nightmares

Starring Mary Jane Green, Ariel Anderssen & Darby. The girls are xXx, groped and terrorized in these tense bondage scenes! The trouble starts for Ariel and Darby when they get four suspicious flat tires and go to the only house in sight for help. The distressed girls knock on the door and fall into the sinister clutches of two bondage-minded creeps!

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Juliettes Abductions – Anal Bride

Even on Juliette’s wedding day she’s captured and in distress again! Instead of the chauffeur escorting her to the chapel her assailant introducers her to gags and bondage since he wasn’t invited to the wedding.

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Infernal Restraints – Smut Writer Part Two (Siouxsie Q)

It’s a simple story. Our damsel in distress is captured by OT. She doesn’t know if he will ever let her go. He keeps her in cages and boxes, only taking her out when he wants to use her for some deviant sexual purpose. She has no hope of escaping so she just suffers for him and hopes that if she does what he says and pleases him enough he may let her go eventually.

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Infernal Restraints – Smut Writer Part One (Siouxsie Q)

Siouxsie Q is typing out a story, a work of fiction that is brought to life in her mind. Her protagonist is a woman in distress, locked away by a mysterious and dangerous man. On the page she has a different name, but in her dreams it is always Siouxsie that is trapped in bondage with her only hope of escape the total satisfaction of the man who is keeping her captive. She wants her life to be a constant cycle of service and suffering.

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Naughty Ties – Chair Tied And Desperate!

Absolutely classic stuff featuring Briella Jaden naked except for her six inch heels, tied to a chair, deeply gagged and she’s not a happy girl. At all! Twisting her wrists and drooling profusely and groaning desperately this girl is the very epitome of a damsel in distress!

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