Cheerleaders Bound And Gagged Part 1

Madison Young is walking home from cheerleading practice in her jeans, sneakers and sports shirt. Suddenly we see her marched in bound and gagged. She is put to the floor and left to struggle. Put through a series of bondage positions, forced to put on her cheerleading uniform and stinky sweaty gym shoes, she is gagged with her own sock, hard to huff her dirty shoes. Lots of struggling, packed mouth gag talk, and pleading to be let go by Madison!

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Russian Fetish – The Hunt For Amazing Ada’s Feet

Russian Fetish - The Hunt For Amazing Ada's Feet

Alla got ready to enjoy Ada’s magnificent feet by removing her sneakers and socks. Ada had a great red pedicure and Alla was pleased that she finally got the feet of this beauty. She savored and tickled Ada’s feet and her sides before starting to lick them. And then she did it at the same time. Alla began to kiss and lick Ada’s feet, although the girl protested.

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Chrissy Marie – Captured Cross Country Jogger

When I come to I am in a strange house bound with ropes and gagged with a bandana! He even excruciatingly tied my elbows together and hog tied me with my ponytail, forcing my head to yanked backwards when I try to struggle. He starts to remove my sneakers and socks as I beg and plead with him through my gag to leave me alone and let me go!

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Russian Fetish – Fashion Model Tickled For The First Time Pt 1

Russian Fetish - Fashion Model Tickled For The First Time Pt 1

The video begins with a short interview, we’re just talking. Then she sits tied to a big old chair. Her feet are clearly visible, as well as her face. I remove her sneakers and socks and starts to tickle her bare feet. She’s got a great reaction, she laughs a little cute and shy with her emotions.

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Bound At Home Eve Ellis

Hot redhead Eve Ellis is captured by a merciless intruder in a hockey mask. Looking gorgeous in tight jeans, top and sneakers, she is tied with string and cleave gagged, the leaves her there. She struggles hard against her bonds, but only makes it from the couch to the floor before the villain returns.

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Kayla Green And Misha Cross

Off come Misha’s sneakers so that her ankles can be bound. Doctor Kayla uses her fierce red-manicured hand to give this girl a good cheek-reddening spanking.

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