Sandra Silvers – Jealous Bosslady Has Her Secretary Bound And Gagged

Chrissy Daniels and Sandra Silvers just can’t keep their hands off each other, they thought their boss, Fayth on Fire, was out of the office all day, and took the opportunity to have an intense, lesbian make-out session. Fayth barges in and breaks up the girl pile on the floor. She sends Chrissy away and has to decide what shes going to do with Sandra Silvers who is now tightly trussed on the floor. Ropes pull her sweater tightly around her huge boobs, her elbows and wrists are pulled cruelly behind her back and her legs are tied at the ankles and above and below the knees. Fayth on Fire teases her employee with her own pantyhose legs. Fayth gropes the sweater-clad secretarys big boobs and kisses her duct taped lips.

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Captive Chrissy – Webcam Tape Challenge

Captive Chrissy - Webcam Tape Challenge

Chrissy Marie looks at the screen and reads the instructions aloud as she instructs him how to tape her up into a hog tie with the help of her viewers. When she is done she can’t help but notice he did a pretty good job as she tugs on her bonds. Definitely more immobilizing than Chrissy had anticipated. “Ok. I’m all hogtied.” She says. Then she pauses and reads carefully off the screen. She slowly reads it aloud as if she can’t believe what she is reading! “Stuff a sock in her mouth and then duct tape her mouth shut.” She finally gets it and starts to freak out. “What?!?! No! We didn’t say anything about a sock or DUCT TAPE ON MY MOUTH! Absolutely not!” Keywords: Chrissy Marie, taped up, hogtied woman, sock gagging, mouth packing, tape gag, girl bound and gagged, damsel in distress, struggling, helpless brunette.

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Captive Chrissy Marie – Taped Back To Back In Overalls

Captive Chrissy Marie - Taped Back To Back In Overalls

Unknowing to Star Nine, a masked man is sneaking up behind her and proceeds to knock her out as well. Star is then taped up and gagged just the same as Chrissy was. Star wakes up after she is bound and gagged to find that she is also in a predicament and the man is no where to be seen. They both struggle and desperately try to get free, but before they manage to escape the masked man returns tapes them together back to back!

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News Reporter Nyxon Bound And Gagged In Her Panty Girdle

After catching investigative news reporter Nyxon snooping around, the man decided that she had seen too much and could not let her leave. So, he took her down into a basement room and started to tie her up with rope. She then warned him that her co-workers would soon come looking for her. But the man just ignored her and told her that no one would even know she was down here. He insured this by stuffing her mouth and a sock and then wrapping tape around her face and between her teeth to gag her.

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Cock Tease Tutor Bound, Gagged And Groped

The busty blonde Allura Skye wakes up bound with duct tape and zip ties, tightly gagged and blindfolded. Her arms are wrapped super tightly behind her and tape is wrapped around her thighs, knees and ankles as well as above and below her big tits. Cruel zip ties are added to the taped wrists and connect her ziptied ankles to the chair rungs.

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Elizabeth Andrews – Silk Scarf Secretary Gagged With Her Own Product

He pulled some tape out of his pocket and applied a strip over my lips, to ensure I didn’t spit the scarf out. I was pissed that he was going to ruin a handmade Italian scarf by shoving it in my mouth!!! The big man didn’t care. He picked up another scarf and wrapped it around my gagged mouth, with another one wrapped over that covering my nose.

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Gag Montage 10 – 14 Secretaries Gagged Super Tight

In this montage you will find 14 secretaries in 15 different scenes experiencing tight gags. Watch some of them get their mouths packed full of mouth stuffing and tape wrapped tightly around their parted lips. While others deal with mouth filling leather strap gags. And after they are tightly gagged, watch them struggle in tight bondage.

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Lola Lynn Hogtied Gagged And Clamped Part 1

I remove the ballgag and replace it with 2 pairs of panties and then I tape them in with black electrical tape all the way around her head. I help her back up and make her hop back to the bed. I let her struggle for a little bit, but she has way too much freedom. First thing I do is add a tight crothrope. The next thing I do is hogtie her.

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Beauties In Bondage – Backlash

Beauties In Bondage - Backlash

Amber arrives as an employee of the local authority’s Building Committee to challenge the occupant of a home about a structure he is building. She does not hear the man approach from behind and panics when he grabs her and presses a cloth over her nose and mouth, rendering her senseless. When Amber starts to recover, she finds herself in the process of being tied up. She struggles frantically and uses harsh language against the man restraining her, but she woke too late to make a run for it. Keywords: damsel in distress, girl next door bondage, bound and gagged, tied up and gagged, tied up girl, tied up woman, tight bondage, tight hogtie, tight ropes, tape gagged, bound hand and foot, mouth stuffing, chloroformed woman, tied spreadeagle, cleave gag, bound damsel.

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Beauties In Bondage – Court Martial

Beauties In Bondage - Court Martial

When the MPs recover, they find themselves handcuffed to hooks in the ceiling via zipties, and they are gagged. Next to them, seated on the concrete floor and secured to a pole, is Hannah. The three struggle against their restraints but there is simply no way out. At last, the intruder returns. Hannah makes it clear by mmmphing loudly that she wants to talk to him. Keywords: damsels in distress, girl next door bondage, gagged women, damsel in distress, girls in distress, cadence lux, cali logan, hannah perez, tied up with zip ties, duct tape gag, tape gagged.

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The Blackmail Burglar

Both women end up bound and gagged in the basement, tape gagged and tied up with rope. Their credit cards and driver’s licenses are stolen and used as blackmail, to expose the two women to put on a show of sexual affection for the perverted burglar. Neither one of the housewives will ever forget how this evening of intimacy turned into a night of peril!

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Harmony Concepts – Spandex & Bondage

Phil Carson makes his directorial debut for Harmony with an outstanding presentation in the tradition of Sean Harper. Mr. Carson comes out of the gate strong with five scenes starring busty Andrea Neal and enthusiastic newcomer Claudette Linden. Phil honors the bondagemaster with the accent on spandex and lingerie, stringent ropework and tight, sexy gags. Lovely latina Michelle Gonzales rounds out the hour with a sensuous vignette. She’s tape-gagged and mummy-wrapped with clear plastic and red Pvc tape by Jon Woods. Starring: Andrea Neal, Claudette Linden, Michelle Gonzales.

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Harmony Concepts – Spandex Disco Queens In Bondage

Carson regular Andrea Neal is haltered, leggingd, roped, taped and ballgagged, in addition to that lycra armbinder shes laced into. Stacy Burke makes an absolutely stunning package in a sleek black ensemble, which contrasts nicely with the tight pink cord rendering her totally helpless; her ballgag is replaced on-camera with packing, a spandex hood, and a snug cleave-gag tied over the hood! In a storyline vignette, hot-bodied Stacy Burke decides equally hot-bodied roommate Eves unhealthy fascination with a certain daytime talk-show host can only be cured with bondage therapy, but Stacy overlooks one significant detail that leads to her downfall. Starring: Andrea Neal, Stacy Burke, Eve Ellis, Darby Daniels, Shayna Clark.

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Harmony Concepts – Fantasy And Reality

If Harmony gave out Mvp awards, Kelly Ashton would be the hands (tied) down winner of this year! This statuesque beauty burst onto the scene as Maiden America, a blockbuster role which put her on the cover. Now this Amazonian Goddess is making her debut as an independent producer in this “can’t miss” video! On the reality side, Kelly tells you about herself, talks about her feelings regarding fetish work, her love of role-playing games, high-fetish clothes, and tight, restrictive bondage and gags. On the fantasy end, Kelly Ashton performs in five exciting roles. Ms. Ashton plays a security guard in seamed stockings bound by burglars, portrays a tightly-tied rubber-maid, and she’s med-wrap-gagged and strictly secured with black PVC tape. Zipped into a sexy rubber dress, Kelly stuffs a large rubber apple in her mouth and ties it in with a red rubber strip before being tied with more squeaky rubber strips and tubing. And Kelly even tries her hand at being Spellbinder, tying on a crotchrope and locking herself with handcuffs and legirons!

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Beauties In Bondage – Vengeance Is Mine

Beauties In Bondage - Vengeance Is Mine

After serving two years in prison for a crime she did not commit, Niki Lee Young is now desperate for vengeance. She has plans for her three ex-colleagues, which start with taking Dee and Jamie during their lunch break and driving them, wrists ziptied and mouths taped gagged, to Jessica’s house where Niki has already broken in. She marches her two prisoners into the basement and sits them on chairs and uses another zip tie to connect them back to back to a metal pole. Niki then secures their ankles with more zip ties before explaining to them about the cluster of grenades where she has wired all the pins together. She attaches a cord from these to the garage door handle so that when Jessica arrives and enters through the garage, she’ll open the door and pull the pins. Keywords: girls in bondage, girls in distress, tied up with ropes, damsels in distress, tied up with zip ties, duct tape gag, gagged women, hannah perez, cali logan, cadence lux, jamie daniels, niki lee young.

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Beauties In Bondage – Lost Girls

Beauties In Bondage - Lost Girls

Hannah is busy berating her partner Bub when the two see a car approaching along their potholed driveway. They see two girls (Cali and Cadence) inside the vehicle, almost certainly lost, and decide to have some fun with them. They go to greet the girls, ostensibly to give them directions, then Hannah suddenly holds them up and forces them to climb out of the car. While Bub keeps the girls covered, Hannah zip ties their wrists. She is about to secure Cadence’s ankles when Cali makes a run for it. Hannah gives chase and drags the girl to the ground, promptly zip tying her ankles to make her stay put. Inside, the girls soon find themselves tied to chairs and gagged. Keywords: girls in bondage, girls in distress, tied up with ropes, tied up with zip ties, duct tape gag, hannah perez, cali logan, cadence lux, jamie daniels, niki lee young.

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Anton Productions – Bound At Home Melanie

A creep in a hockey mask has kidnapped and cleave gagged slender, busty redhead Melanie. He her to the floor and hogties her using handcuffs and rope. The kidnapped cutie is then left alone to endure this uncomfortable position. She wrestles exhaustingly with the tight bondage while the villain is away. He returns later and unties her, but not for long. Then, the villain ties Melanie, bent over, to a chair by her wrists and ankles. She is still cleave gagged and wearing a tee shirt and jeans. He removes the cloth gag and replaces it with a wad of packing and some duct tape. He spanks her ass and fondles her menacingly for a while.

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Chrissy Marie – Naturally Tight

Chrissy Marie - Naturally Tight

He ties her up very snugly and pulls her into a tight back-arching hogtie. Chrissy Marie loves it when he ties her up so completely that she can’t move an inch. Now she is the center of attention all over again. “I’ll bet you wore your shiny little outfit down there, didn’t you?” He pulls the tape clean from the roll. “Well I have a surprise for you..” He layers the tape over the top of her ballgag. “I have some errands to run too.. So I’m gonna leave you here to enjoy these ropes for awhile. OK?” Chrissy tries to plead and talk to him through her heavily gagged mouth.

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Insex – Piglet’s Training

Piglet is hogtied on the ground. She’s made to strip herself, and she’s put on a trolley and pulled around. Next she’s tied in a strappado and tight breast bondage is put her boobs while she gets caned. Then a box is put on her head and castration bands are put on her nipples before her boobs are tightly taped up, and weights are hung from her nipples. Then she’s tied in a split, blindfolded and gagged, and gets flogged on her tits. Labia clamps are apart by her toes and she’s fucked by a dildo on a stick while her clit is vibed.

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Anton Productions – Alicia’s Bondage Peril

Anton Productions - Alicia's Bondage Peril

The escaped criminal unties Alicia and removes her gag. He then ties her up again, this time with hands over head. He gags her with duct tape and uses his scissors to cut off her slip, leaving her in nothing but a bra and white lace panties. Once he is bored with watching her writhe around helplessly, he smothers her with a chloroform soaked rag until her eyes go blank and she is knocked unconscious. Alicia Silver wakes up cleave gagged, tied to the bed and terrified.

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Hose Hooded & Bound

Pantyhose fans will love this tape – featuring our most requested models bound, gagged, restrained, hooded, and blinfolded in and with nylon pantyhose. Hose-hoods, collars, nylon mouth stuffing, and more highlight this pantyhose compilation video.

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Better Than Chocolate Part 1

Pantyhose fans will love this tape – featuring our most requested models bound, gagged, restrained, hooded, and blinfolded in and with nylon pantyhose. Hose-hoods, collars, nylon mouth stuffing, self-bondage and more highlight this pantyhose compilation video.

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High Heeled Naked And Hogtied!

Kelly is a model of unquestioned beauty and dabbles in fetish work but this is way more than anything she’s ever experienced and she’s not a very happy girl as she is put into a severe hogtie that leaves her utterly helpless and writhing! It’s one classic scene after another of the naked beauty twisting, squirming and groaning past her gagged and taped mouth.

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