Harmony Concepts – Visual Bondage

“Tight and pretty” is the phrase that best describes the women and the bondage in Phil Carson’s fourth video effort for Harmony. Pc video regulars Andrea Neal and Talia Monet are back again, with Andrea showing off a couple of eyepopping, mouthwatering costume bondages and Talia Monet in a comfortable, yet stunning casual tie. They are joined by Harmony star Randi Storm, who admires her bound reflection in a mirror and then shows her amazing flexibility and incredible talents as she pursues her quest of a bigger, more powerful vibrator. Starring: Andrea Neal, Talia Monet, Randi Storm.

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Arrow Films – Seems Like Old Ties

Arrow Films - Seems Like Old Ties

Starring perennial Arrow favorites Sally Roberts and Susan Blair, this visual quality of this early-80’s tape falls a bit below modern standards, but the energetic enthusiasm these stars have for bondage really makes up for it. As you’d expect from an Arrow video, the bondage is potent and secure, and many of the gags are multi-layered with astounding amounts of mouth-packing! Directed by Jason Cord.

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High Strung Women

Exploring the complex world of Japanese Erotic Rope Bondage “Kinbaku” Andrew Blake creates high style fetish scenarios which utilize these visually intricate “tools” of restraint. Starring sixteen renowned beauties of adult film this collection entitled “High Strung Women” offers a glimpse into the centuries old art of erotic confinement!

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