Africa Extreme – Repression In Chains

Africa Extreme - Repression In Chains

The thick breasts of our “Ladies” broke brutal and pitiless action. And her pussy also do not come too briefly: Stretched, penetrated, inflated! The masters control the art to push female loading capacity in the limit. With all variants of the Extrem-SM up to the vaginal desire summit and to the thankful acceptance of the seed of the master.

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Graias – Torture Of Loyalty Parts 1-3

Ethiopia is known by its famous coffee, but indeed there is another pleasurable concept there: Torture of Loyalty. In this African land, to show their loyalty, women let their men to torture them. Moreover, these local women seeks this. In this session, Dr. Lomp and slave girl Mia will demonstrate this rooted tradition in a very real manner. While watching, you will ask yourself, if Ethiopian women really face this much pain, or if Dr. Lomp just lose his control while there is a whip in his hand.

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