Russian Fetish – Big Hard Session For Alla In Catsuit

Russian Fetish - Big Hard Session For Alla In Catsuit

The unknown inquisitor decides to torture bold Alla and he begins to tickle her sides and hips and feet, and poor Alla turns around strongly and laughs. She didn’t expect such torture but the hardest part is just waiting for her. Putting metal toe-cuffs on her toes and removing the tape from her mouth, he puts a pink gag into between her teeth.

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Russian Fetish – The Hunt For Amazing Ada’s Feet

Russian Fetish - The Hunt For Amazing Ada's Feet

Alla got ready to enjoy Ada’s magnificent feet by removing her sneakers and socks. Ada had a great red pedicure and Alla was pleased that she finally got the feet of this beauty. She savored and tickled Ada’s feet and her sides before starting to lick them. And then she did it at the same time. Alla began to kiss and lick Ada’s feet, although the girl protested.

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Russian Fetish – Very Emotional Tickle Affect

Russian Fetish - Very Emotional Tickle Affect

Now ticklee’s toes are tied to the stocks and Alsu goes crazy with tickling. And when Alla picks up an electric brush she screams “No!!!” She is very afraid of such brushes. But the deed is done and the brush buzzes excitingly between Alsu’s toes and along her soles. Next, Alla tickles her upper body again but more intensely this time.

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Amateur Bound – Bondage Pets

Amateur Bound - Bondage Pets

Six beautiful girls stripped, tied, humiliated and punished into servitude as pets for a cruel and demanding master. Watch as they are transformed into obedient slaves performing for your entertainment. Starring: Allanah Rhodes, Loren Chance, Addie Juniper, Tracy Jordan and Wenona.

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Dan Hawke – Seduced Into Bondage

Seduced Into Bondage

Our video opens as two sexy women Aiysis and Allanah Rhodes walk into Dan’s playroom together. After showing them what they are in for, he hogties them and bounds them in a classic spread eagle position just for fun.

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